Women Do NOT Stare for Men

If I had a penny when a chick stared at me, I’n be a millionaire. That’s for sure. At the start, each and every time I would experience a girl stare at everyone, I would think that she’s enticed.


Girls are not attracted to us such as that we’re attracted to them.

With all of us things are simple. We see a new hot girl, we like the best way she looks, we gaze.

It’s obvious. And she is familiar with. She always knows.

But if they are starting at us, you possibly can barely call that appeal.

Sure, if you’re looking hot, you can find attraction there. But not the sort that would make her “all to easy to get”.

If you think you can be with a female just because she looked at you actually for more than one second, you’ve got a LOT to learn.

Don’t carry this the wrong way nonetheless seduction has its quirks. And if you don’capital t know them, you might also never go out.

Here’s the fact. Women know that guys misinterpret the looks. That’s why that they avoid staring… even if they like anyone.

This leads us to 3 conclusions:

1. Just because she stares, this doesn’t mean that she enjoys you.

2. Just because she doesn’capital t stare, it doesn’t imply that she’s not interested.

Either strategy, if you want to approach, do it. Nevertheless do so knowing that this approach won’testosterone levels be any easier compared to the rest. Sure, she could possibly be friendlier but that doesn’t would mean she’ll give you her digits just like that will.

And here’s my final lesson. I’ve picked quite a few hot young ladies in my life and one element I learned about them all is that, most of the times, people avoid eye-contact.

They’re so used to guys thinking that they start in which they’re just not looking anymore to stop countless interactions.

You know what what this means is, right? If you walk about them with confidence, you’ll be one of the few guys who actually have this guts. That’s preselection for you.

Bottom line

Waiting for your girl to look before you method might increase your chances of a positive initial response but won’t increase the chances of getting the contact number.

If you’re a noob (or getting during the game), it’s ok firstly easier approaches but, finally, you’ll just have to be completely neutral to be able to whether women stare towards you or not.