“Where Can I Meet Women?Half inch Answers Here| The Art of Charm

Guys are always asking “Where can I meet up with women?” ?Sure there is always the bar world and online dating, but imagine you want to meet women an additional way? ?What if you want to walk out of your house on a Sunday daytime and start meeting women after that? ?If that’s the kind of thing you desire, here’s a list of places you may go to meet women at almost any time of day.

A busy street

If you’re wondering “Where can I meet women?” all you need to do will be head downtown or to a busy street. ?Once you’re there it’s only a matter of time until finally beautiful women start wandering by.

Once you’re there assembly women is fairly simple. ?Like a girl passes by all you’ve got to do is place all by yourself about 5-8 feet in front of her own, make eye contact and smile. ?(This can possilby help to raise your hand away around your belly switch and put it about 2 feet in front of you